Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Note

I can keep talking all day but still not express myself..I am not a writer but on occasion of his birthday..Just a note of gratitude to him..Just an expression to let you know that I care..I care about that  someone who is always a phone call away..The one who soothes everythin..An embodiment of fidelity..Does generously for everyone and someone who is responsible of teaching me better values and difficult ways..The patience and serenity i have learnt from this someone...Someone who has been special  in his own ways.. May be not the guy next door but definitely someone you can look upto..It has been too long i have known you..Thanks for supporting all my blunders and being there always..Thanks for letting me take you for granted..Thanks for always having strength to hear the truth and stand by me ..Thanks for always being true..Loyalty, Honesty and support... cute, simple n dearest one forever..You hold a special respect ..Thanks a lot for everything..Thanks for Saving me when i am have been stuck in hell of things.."Happy Birthday Mr. someone"   I hope you get the best of everything in life..!! Lov ya loads..Tones of Hugs.