Friday, 1 February 2013

Me, Myself and Kanika

With a big smile on face..I roam around and a casual attitude I flaunt...
Inside a loner...
A loner who needs to be listened to but without words..
A loner who has to be taken care of but not made felt she is being taken care of..
Its difficult to be "Me" at times.. so random, so different and many a times unpredictable...
Sometimes I wish to be a free liberal bird who's horizons are way too high and sometimes a lil baby who wishes to stay in a protected shell..
Sometimes I yell, shout, abuse and laugh loud other times get into the blanket and sob..
A chirpy and irritating one sometimes and a quiet and sincere one at other..
A rough guy I dress up as sometimes and a peculiar gurl at others..
Movies, parties and night outs I crave for but a novel and myself I long for..
Naughty destructive brat who transforms to an obedient eldest child of the family in seconds and a playful kid in another few..
Me in different forms..Sometimes "me" confuses "me"..
Sometimes "me " makes me fall in love with "me" ..
Times "me" hates "me"..
but above all I wish to stay "me"..
Sleepy now...wish could write all night long ..pen down every though and every moment and get over with the storm that's building up inside ..