Saturday, 28 January 2012

All i wish

I wish to be my dad's little girl again, just a little child once again of having no worries, no responsibilities, no memories of bad things in the past , no pain, no dear ones i had lost, no broken dreams, no tears spilled without any reasons, no hurt feelings and no disappointments, No expectations to fulfill.

I wish to feel free and just be me..i want to be loved and taken care of with no burdens on my shoulders,
Let me have a chance of making myself again, in the shadow of tenderness and love of my parents.

For some reasons i just want to let go, i want to be a child again where the world was only as big as my house and people were just the count of the members in my family.

There is no more within me. I wish to be a little baby again..!!

Here I am..

I dunno what to start with...

Just in search of myself..Who i the question..

Some put me on cloud 9 and some ground me to much lower levels..

Some love me and respect me and other calls me a cheat.

Some pamper me but others hate me..Why such a dual perspective of people..Wish their could be some integrity to people's thoughts..

Call me Evil or call me good..But atleast keep a single perspective about "ME".. 

In search of my own self..I have started this journey, with many questions and thoughts..Can someone answer all ..Can some one explain what is good and what is bad..??