Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tiumhi ho bandhu :) sakha tumhi..

Thousand words to say, but am quiet, Dunno where to start..Actually, dunno know what to write..
I dunno since when i have fell in love wid the quietness, Have no one around..
I have Changed for good or bad reasons but the beautiful thing about the change is that my wants are over..
It's beautiful when love for someone is dominant over the need for that person..Someone advised me once to  flow freely in the god's waves and i will get everything that's there in my destiny..
It is so amazing to have someone who is omnipresent, people say only god can be omnipresent but i disagree with this...
I feel good that i am able to listen to my heart and not my brain (As an experience, heart always have took the better decisions in life).
Life seems to be taking different turns and taking me to new directions, but i remember the point where i started, and as the world is not flat, sure i will reach back to where i started upon completion of the journey..So, my dear ones please hang on there...God's just making me patient and wants me to wait for a while to be with you., I am just taking a walk around, because once i  return, and if i do not find you there..I will not force you to come back..
Always read.."Loving someone is magical if you do not expect in return" .. I use to wonder how this works as distance are bound to bring differences, but now as a grown individual and i understand the significance of the quote.. The only difficult part is when we stop giving love..I tried that for sometime and then realized the way it worsened things..So, eventually took a break from the fast paced life and decided to provide love to you forever as it keeps me healthy and fit..
Time changes and so does the reasons for happiness..A phone that made you smile earlier, may not bring the smile now..but then there is another phone that is bringing that smile back.. Evermore, Your smile is CONSTANT..That's what matters..!!
I have decided to be a happy individual who will keep giving love, because that is the only way that keeps me going..As it is my heart that gives me heartbeat and circulates blood for my being, not my brain and yeah i am a human, so i do miss certain things which i am sure will come back with time but till then i promise, that i will love you and whatever is inside me will be there forever and i will never bind you..
Lastly, this song will speak for me..

"Tu jeet meri, jug haar meri
Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki"