Friday, 20 April 2012

The Super Manager

I wish to write, pour all my thoughts all in me but am not a professional writer, i scribble random thoughts with intent to just share my unsaid... 
Random thoughts and mixed emotions gushing out of me but there are no words to frame them and pen dem down..all i can do is listen to some songs and speak to miself...there is bitterness in me today, confusions which do not let me sleep.. unanswered questions which make me ponder over muuch..
trying to figure out the diffrences in people, understndin and analyzing thought processes.. to whm all i had been good n bad, to where to draw the line? but no answers..Figurin out importance of money and consequences of havin excess..the blessing of bein a female, the human brain and its non-functioning in rel tionships..How does it all works?? How did the creator did it all ??  My manager cant handle a team of 100 ..then how does god manages nth times the number 100, is management in his genes..??

1 comment:

  1. Good question , Kanika:) How does god manage so many people when humans cannot manage a few!