Sunday, 12 February 2012

Unreasonable magical evenings..

Just sitting by myself, alone at home..
Listened to this number below...

n a few more..
Recalling some memories of past..
Beautiful lyrics, makes me happy ..
Some evenings are unreasonably peaceful, so serene n so calm..
There is no one else around, It's just me by myself..
And i have never loved myself more
Nothing to talk about, no one to talk to.
I am all by myself today, in my own beautiful world where there is no space for anything except some beautiful memories, some amazing evenings i have spent, some precious moments with loved ones and only love..
I am happy, not expecting anything from anyone, am happy being with myself happy being myself.
No meetings, no work, no bosses, no fights, no arguments...
I feel so pure, so close to god, so close to myself.
Definitely , there is magic in the air ..!! :)