Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just Him..

It is a new journey i have undertook..
Not a mere need to earn money but to realise someone's dreams..
That someone who has held my hand since when, i didn't knew how to grip on things or people,
Someone who supported me unconditionally in all the times..good or bad..
Motivated me to be what i am today, taught me to love not only myself but others too and  to forgive not only others but myself too..
Taught me to live than exist, handle responsibilities and smile throughout. He understands..
He doesn't speaks to me much, doesn't discusses much but just understands
He has made me what i am today, good or bad whatever people call it as.
But am proud to be a part of him..That's why i choose my father to be my best friend.
My philosopher, my brother, my first love, My Father..!!
I love you Dad..


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    1. Thanks a lot Rahul, surely not better than ur's ..I have read yours..They are amazing.