Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Boys will be Boys..!!

He is a boy who's turning into a man.

A man who is still a boy and will always be.
He needs all your attention but when you give him, he will look at all, but not you.
He expects everything but will never admit it and rather pretend to be as carefree as he can.
He needs all the love but will never reciprocate in actions.
can be with all his friends and say anything to them, but when you do the same, he will hate it, shout but will never tell the correct reason he is shouting on you for..
He will walk in 5 directions always..Family, money, work, friends and you.
But trust me to get all first four in place, he will always need the last one's support.
He will fight with someone, get disappointed at work, loose money and hate his friends for something but will all come out in different forms to you. Then he will realise it after some days, say sorry, pamper you and again be the same and the viscous circle continues..
The more you away from him, the more he will need you and the more you go closer to him, he discovers you to be the reason for spoiling all.
He wants to celebrate all days, feels great when you remember all the dates, proud when you look great and on cloud 9 when you appreciate him but then it is again to stay for a while..if you celebrate all the days and remember all the dates, he will get irritated, a man inside him will tell him "how gurly it is..??''
When you look great all the time, he will loose interest and tells you "why do have to wear clothes like this?? Cant you be simple??"
When you provide him love and care all the time, understand him and obey all he says he finds it to complex.
You do things for another male friends and he will hate it to the core and then will start flirting with another girls and when sees you non-reactive will come and sit by you.
Though he claims to be brainy and matured but still he is a man, who is still a boy at heart..
He is a boy who needs you not to be apart.

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