Saturday, 12 October 2013

In Pursuit of Happiness - Expressions n Me...

High on life, dreams, career oriented, deceived, restless ...I was ..
The gush of the high tides and the roar of the inner storm that was building a turmoil within me.. dis battle was a difficult one.. Felt like a warrior every day.. 

Then serenity touched me...  Not enforcing but influencing force.. 
Didn't temporarily cured me, but as a therapist healed me through...

Healed with it's power of tranquility, a soothing effect it left on me.. 
Not in a day but over months, and the power of healing was such immense that it sailed me through to resolve the turmoil, the dejection and be my self again .. 

That power doesn't needs any recognition or any marketing strategies to advertise.. 
as now, it' my alone.. simple, embodiment of fidelity and it's aura is magical.. 
It's  not a high profile addiction, it my essence of peace... 
It's not my life but the most beautiful part of me.. 

It gives me an unreasonable smile again, and keeping me to my roots, being myself.. 
I am in love with this power , this healing power which is now soo mine... 
Mine alone... I am marrying it, this divine power to  consummate my oneness with it forever... 

And this healing power is not being personified ...As it's too precious to be named here.. 

I love the way, you have made me yours and still letting me be "Me"..

And u r not "it" but best feeling should be felt and remain unspoken .. 
Thank you for making me alive again .. :) 


  1. Hmm .. Superb post ... the feelings can produce such power .. so true ... :)